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Onsite Wastewater Practitioner Training

The Western Canada Onsite Wastewater Management Association provides an excellent industry training program through its provincial chapters for Onsite Wastewater Practitioners. This training is recognized in the Western Provinces through the New West Partnership Agreement (formerly TILMA). It is recognized federally through the Agreement on Internal Trade. These training programs have been found to meet or exceed the requirements of the Agreement on Internal Trade and the Trade, Investment and Labour Mobility Agreement.

As well as this industry certification program, WCOWMA’s provincial chapters offer individual field and classroom training sessions for continuing education purposes. For information on training opportunities in your area, contact the WCOWMA office or the provincial chapter office in your region.

The Association engages the general public through its Septic Sense education program, which focuses on proper operation and maintenance of onsite wastewater systems, also called septic systems.

First Come, First Serve

If you are interested in attending any of these training sessions, please click on the location you are interested in and you will be taken to the appropriate registration page. Space in the training sessions is limited and is allotted on a first come, first served basis. Upon receipt of the completed form and payment for training, your course supplies will be sent to you for review prior to training. A minimum class of fifteen paid participants is required in order for the class to take place.

The Onsite Wastewater Practitioner Training Program is divided into two sessions. You must complete all training days successfully in order to receive certification.


The next available training session dates are available to view on the provincial pages.

Training fees must be received in our office prior to the course date.
For questions contact our office:

1 780 489 7471
1 877 489 7471

Field Training / Workshops

Standard Of Practice Update 2021

Site & Soils Evaluation Field Days

Mound Installation Field Day

Pressure Distribution Workshops

Treatment Field Installation Field Day


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Standard Of Practice Update

The Alberta Safety Codes Council released the Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of
Practice, fourth edition in October 2021. A free digital copy of the 2021 Standard of Practice is
available from the Safety Codes Council. The digital copy is not searchable. A printed copy of
the SOP is available through our online store.
Alberta Municipal Affairs required Certificate of Competency (CoC) holders to complete the
2021 version of the Private Sewage Standard of Practice Update Training by February 28, 2023,
to be able to renew their Certificate of Competency. The training deadline was extended to
February 28, 2023, from the original deadline of October 31, 2022. No further extension are
If you are Certificate of Competency (CoC) holder who has successfully completed 2021 update
training and have not yet renewed your certification, you had until by March 31, 2023, to renew
your CoC to retain your old PS certification number. You may still renew your CoC, however
you may not be able to retain your original number.

Site & Soils Evaluation Field Days

Site and Soils Evaluation Field Days provide an opportunity to learn more about performing detailed site visits and designing systems for difficult situations and soils.  This training workshop will provide information on assessing soil structure, texture, and consistence as well as assessing site conditions and constraints, logging information and applying that knowledge to the design of onsite systems.

Available training dates are available on each province’s online store.

Mound Installation Field Day

Mound Installation Field Days provide instruction for those interested in learning more about designing and installing mounds. Registrants participating in this training session will focus on the following outcomes:

Available training dates are available on each province’s online store.

  • Understand the basic principles of how mounds work – treatment in sand layer and dispersal horizontally. Apply soil evaluation information. Understand ground water mounding.
  • Learn mound design configurations and materials
  • Basic knowledge of utilizing topography of installation site.
  • Know factors in locating the mound – slope vs. level, clearance separations, vertical separations, fill materials for raised bed.
  • Ability to design pressure distribution laterals for mound, orientation of orifices, spacing, preferred vs. cost.
  • Knowledge of and ability to apply regulatory requirements
  • Ability to interpret mound design worksheet
  • Ability to complete mound design worksheet
  • Ability to describe construction practices.
  • Ability to perform clarity test on sand.
  • Identify typical mound failure.
  • Ability to apply soil characteristics at site to mound design, identify key material requirements and calculate mound size.

Pressure Distribution Workshops

Pressure Distribution workshops provide instruction on how to plan a pressure distribution system.  Students will learn how different sizes and types of pipes and pumps affect the pressure distribution system, how to calculate friction loss and pressure head and how to plan a system that takes into account the loading constraints of the site it will be installed on.

Available training dates are available on each province’s online store.

Treatment Field Installation Field Day

Participants in this field day will review the design for a pressure distributed field and then apply that design in a field situation. Participants will excavate the field, set the pump, build and test the pressure distribution system, install the chamber system or piping and rock and complete the system to complete cover and commissioning.

Available training dates are available on each province’s online store.